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Thursday, January 14, 2016

OMG!!! Harry Potter's Alan Rickman has died at 69

Harry Potter's Alan Rickman has died at 69.
Richard Porter
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Б.Н. Саруул
Б.Н. Саруул he'll be always in our heart.
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Moses Nyagota
Moses Nyagota this call for Harry Potter marathon
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Yasemin Von S
Yasemin Von S Gone too soon
R.I.P Alan Rickman †
...See More
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Kathleen Trigue Javellana
Kathleen Trigue Javellana R.I.P Professor Snape----Mr. Alan Rickman. You will always be in our hearts. You will always be our one and only Professor Snape the Half Blood Prince.
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Pauline Miller
Pauline Miller Wow I am so sad can't believe Alan Rickman passed away.I am his biggest fan,I love all his movies R.I.P Alan my twin sister paulette passed away December 19th 2009 wow you were a twin to.first David Bowie and now you.I am so sad Alan you were a great Actor we will miss you
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Via Alyssa Mohametano
Via Alyssa Mohametano "I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon" RIP Alan Rickman. One of the best actor in every movie especially at Harry Potter.
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Shin Eerang
Shin Eerang Uhmmg,.. RIP mr. Alan, we will be missing you, and u are so great in your movies speacially the 'HARRY POTTER' RIP again and i love u so much
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Kylie Kemnow
Kylie Kemnow Still not over his death in Harry Potter. RIP Alan. You will be missed
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Trisha Moodley
Trisha Moodley A Harry Potter marathon is needed most definitely
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Rochelle Esquivel
Rochelle Esquivel You'll always be in our hearts Alan Rickman, your're one of the best characters in harry potter
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Mariam Wael
Mariam Wael RIP snap! I never liked you much except in the last 2 part of Harry potter but oh well you'll be missed
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Abdou Khaled
Abdou Khaled A true legend gone - Raise your wands, R.I.P
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Destiny Castillo Gonzalez
Destiny Castillo Gonzalez Rip we will miss u its sad that u r goin but we harry potter fan will remember u u play a great role in harry potter 😟😟😟😟😟
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Corrina Weeks
Corrina Weeks Mourned over your death in harry potter, but never thought I would mourn over you so soon in real life.
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Yashvi Aryan
Yashvi Aryan Can't imagine Harry Potter without Severus Snape
RIP Alan Rickman
Amy Talafou Vitale
Amy Talafou Vitale Y?!?! I am so depressed right now...i couldnt get over his character's death in the books and in the movies and now he himself passed away?
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Dophollic Arsema Breezy
Dophollic Arsema Breezy He will alway be in our heart!!!! He was one hell of wizad...
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Jane Delaney
Jane Delaney RIP Alan Rickman. You were my favorite professor in HP. Your other movies were outstanding. You were an phenomenal actor! You will be missed! ☹☹
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Sidra Sadar
Sidra Sadar Omg he will be missed! He played such a wonderful role in the Harry Potter series 😟
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Adrian Reed
Adrian Reed he'll always be the greatest hero for the Harry Potter in all of us cry emoticon
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Zinia Rahaman
Zinia Rahaman He'll be always in our heart. He 'll be the greatest hero for all Harry potter 's fan. We love you. And we miss you.
Neelanjana Rumbangsha RaiLepcha
Neelanjana Rumbangsha RaiLepcha OMG to sad to hear that he is no more. May your soul REST IN PEACE! You will be in our hearts forever, #ProfessorSNAPE and future generations.
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Abhay Paul
Abhay Paul Noooooooo Snape cannot die You will always remain in our hearts...FOREVER......R.I.P MR Alan....
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Rainy Wadhwani
Rainy Wadhwani Nooooo...he cannot die
R.l.P Alan Rickman
He'll always be in our heart's forever Geralyn Dlima Misha Bolaños Ajwa Ashfaq
Silvana Ihas
Silvana Ihas He had class, style, and presence.... And did I mention he is damn good-looking??? Rip Alan Rickman....you are now a star among the stars!!!
Trace Gsr Chapz
Trace Gsr Chapz aaaaaaaaarrrhh soooo saaaadd .. this guy.. the friend of VOLDAMOLT! frown emoticon frown emoticon frown emoticon damn harrypotter wont be the same again withought him.. what happened?? was he sick??
Brittany Fisher
Brittany Fisher Farewell Alan Rickman! You Will Be Missed!#severussnapelivesforever!
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Kim Bukes
Kim Bukes Oh No, i luv this guy so much. RIP dude. i need some Harry potter in my life this weekend with my kid
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Quang Long Nguyễn
Quang Long Nguyễn As Mr. Severus Tobias Snape or Alan Rickman , you always be in my heart, FOREVER ;-(
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Madao "After all this time??
Always "
R.I.P mr.Alan Rickman.....
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하영주 R.I.P Alan Rickman I'll never forget you. You will be missed. Always
Marian Onida
Marian Onida Raising my wand for him.. Even at 2 in the morning with crappy editing
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Evans Gathaga
Evans Gathaga R.I.P Alan you shall definitely be missed by all of us
Mohamed Wael
Mohamed Wael Rip alan u will be remembered as our favourite professor
Brenda Denno
Brenda Denno Rest in Peace Professor Snape!! Thank you for all the wonderful years of your movies!! Rest in Peace!!#
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Naima Rahman Shathy
Naima Rahman Shathy o no......we gonna miss him frown emoticon
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Karoline Tõnne
Karoline Tõnne R.I.P Alan Rickman/Snape
Felicia Szeyin
Felicia Szeyin Same age as David Bowie...frown emoticon miss both of them...#RIP
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Gina Marie Limpahan Aguinaldo
Gina Marie Limpahan Aguinaldo He was my favorite actor. Huhuhu.... R.I.P Alan Rickman.... I will not forget u!!!!
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Av An Tika
Av An Tika R.I.P Alan Rickman frown emoticon
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Patty Heller
Patty Heller Seeding my good thoughts and prayers to Alan Rickman Family
Angie McKenzie Cuevas
Angie McKenzie Cuevas RIP Alan (Snape) you will be missed
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Emmanuel Ortiz
Emmanuel Ortiz He will be missed but he will always be remembered as a legend !
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Allisha Williams
Allisha Williams R.I.P Alan Rickman
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Mitzi Caguiat
Mitzi Caguiat Rip Alan Rickman. You will be missed.
Amber Nicole Hamric
Amber Nicole Hamric Harry potter marathon i call for it
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Isabel Tee
Isabel Tee you live on in our hearts professor Snape! You were a truly remarkable actor Alan Rickman♡♡♡♡
May Thet
May Thet R.I.P Alan Rickman....frown emoticon
Cham Mee'na
Cham Mee'na R.I.P Alan Rickman.
Tamta Dekanoidze
Tamta Dekanoidze R.I.P Alan rickman

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