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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hollywood Stars and Jail ***

I guess with great acting sometimes comes irresponsible, eccentric behavior. Society seems to condone, if not encourage it. Great topic, I bet there's quite a few more. How about a spin off like rock stars/rappers in jail?

YouTube/ABC Yes, long before he was the Tool Man, Tim Allen was a coke dealer. Busted at an airport with reportedly over a pound of cocaine(!), Allen faced a long prison sentence, but Allen saw the writing on the wall and volunteered to snitch on his cohorts which allowed him to get off with a comparatively light sentence. Still, Allen spent over two years in federal prison where I’m guessing he perfected his famed grunting techniques with the help of an overly amorous cellmate. Allen eventually fought his way to fame via his every man comedy routine, serving as the forefather for such luminaries as Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy, which, let’s be honest, is the greatest crime he could have ever committed. Seriously, shouldn’t that be a violation of his probation or something?Photo credit: YouTube/ABCHaving problems viewing this? Click here to view this slideshow as one page.

Best Young Actors - Who Are the New Hot Young Movie Stars? - Esquire

YouTube/Roland Martin It turns out that the star of Roc is actually a crazy badass. Who knew? Well, I’m guessing the dude Dutton stabbed to death in a street fight when he was 17 figured that out pretty damn quickly -- which saw Dutton land in prison for manslaughter for several years -- as did the prison guard he beat down while incarcerated during yet another prison sentence, this time for possessing a deadly weapon. Damn. Dutton served almost five years for that beat down and during that time, Roc apparently discovered a love of drama. Well, why not? I mean, up until that point his whole life had been nothing but drama. Since then, Dutton has carved out a nice career as a character actor, highlighted by his appearance in the third Alien film and his star turn as the titular character of the aforementioned Roc. I’m guessing that in real life that Alien would have run like hell once he found out that Roc wasn’t afraid to stab a mofo. Forget Alien vs. Predator. I want to see Alien vs. Roc.Photo credit: YouTube/Roland MartinHaving problems viewing this? Click here to view this slideshow as one page.

Wesley Snipes stars three year jail term - 3am & Mirror Online

6 Bill Gates ToddABishop, Flickr The details behind Bill Gates’ arrest are murky, but as you can see from the mugshot there, it did happen. It’s believed that Gates was arrested after being busted for reckless driving and driving without a license in New Mexico in 1977, and although I’m guessing that he probably only spent a few hours in a holding cell before being released, it wasn’t the first time that Wild Bill was busted by the law for driving like a bat out of hell. Reports indicate that he was also arrested in New Mexico in April of 1975, and there are some reports that indicate that he was arrested again one time after that. The whole thing is strange as hell, and who knows what actually happened? There is nothing but scattered reports and a tantalizing mug shot to suggest that Gates was terrorizing New Mexico roads throughout the mid to late ‘70s. No matter what went on there, what we do know is that Gates was arrested yet again in 1989 on suspicion of drunk driving charges. Goddamn, Wild Bill! Eventually that charge was reduced and Gates went on to become the uber-billionaire we all know and love.Photo credit: ToddABishop, FlickrHaving problems viewing this? Click here to view this slideshow as one page.

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